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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

Leaping Home:

Prologue by Cathee Courter

photo of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

It used to be simple. "Follow your dreams. Visualize what you want. Choose your own destiny." Since becoming close friends with the natural forces of incarnation, my memory of how I used to seat my life in such beliefs is blurring.

If your beliefs are the software of your manifestation, I've slipped into the hardware of that interface through which the void becomes the world. That's where my friends—the Leapers—work their magic.

They are nature beings. No one in our physical world comes into form without them. But until recently, they largely followed our human intentions—within the context of the oversouls from which you and I emerge in each moment.

This handbook will make you more aware of their realm. You may begin to question what you'd considered your "selfhood," and feel yourself to be flowing as group evolution (where you do have an individual voice). You'll likely feel personally treasured by the great transpersonal spirit within which you live. And yes, you'll begin to navigate the infinite parallel worlds in your universe, participating consciously in their co-creations, fade-outs, and transformations. In other words, you'll experience yourself to be both the "creator" of your experience and the "created"—always at home.

It's strange to not trust nature. (There's not much else around, really). And yet, it's likely that the collective parallel world in which you live was formed around the paradigm that humans can—and should—separate out and control her. It's been a fascinating, disastrous experiment in consciousness.

This book is for those wanting to explore the idea of alternate realities, or participate in technology exchange between parallel worlds. But we most want to reach those living in self-destructing worlds. If you're feeling moments of despair—like someone standing on a sinking ship's deck, watching the water lap higher and higher—the Leapers have downright come for you. They will listen to your desires, and transplant you to a parallel world where you can fulfill your life's purposes in joy. All you need do is ask. This handbook just lets you know what you're getting into!

You likely were born into your world to help swerve it in a healthier cultural direction. But if that world is dying, it's time for your soul to take your body and memories, and "leap" to a world manifested around vibrant ideals precious to you. This parallel reality may have a society and vibration very foreign to that of your present circumstances. Or it may look similar to where you now reside, but have been formed by collective decisions and values which nudged unfolding events onto a more pleasant fork in the road. For instance, what if World War II had never happened? What if starvation was unheard of? What if technology had developed in partnership with nature intelligence? What if the personal trauma that led to your health problem or addiction never happened? Yes, you can go live there.

You split off parallel selves to explore different scenarios all the time, often taking both forks in the road. The Leapers can teach you to do so more consciously, and give you a lift—if need be—to become a parallel self radically different from who you now are.

My partner Peter MacGill and I gathered a group of friends to communicate with nature spirits several years ago. I'd been cavorting with wildflowers, and was surprised when our lecturers turned out to be the forces of incarnation instead! This book is a composite of those weekly small group channelings, some large group channelings, and individual readings used with permission.

The group named these nature spirits "the Leapers." Throughout the ages they've gone by many names. Peter and I had been doing space clearings at that point for a decade, in which we called them the deva of incarnation and de-incarnation. When ghost encouragement-to-leave was called for, we'd ask for their help. They'd open to my mind's eye a shimmering tunnel of light, and make the shifts in vibration necessary for the lingering deceased to transition—usually into the arms of a loved one at the tunnel's end. I'd become adept at helping ghosts let go and shift their identities to more subtle levels of consciousness. I'd also enjoyed helping living persons prepare for and re-orient after death.

The deva of incarnation and de-incarnation also assisted us with dissolving "entities." These included personality fragments that should have composted with the body of a deceased person, addict cravings, etheric darts, trauma imprints, subtle cords, and the everyday gamut of emotions and thoughts which get mucky when not cleansed periodically from a building. Some of these entities seemed to have complex personalities, and could carry on a conversation. I began to suspect that most people experience themselves primarily as their subpersonalities—without clear choice in how they react to events—until all that goop is washed away, revealing their soul's essence.

The Leapers, then as now, were patiently gentle with people as we worked with them in rearranging their incarnation, so to speak. I'd done psychic counseling for a couple decades, and loved this application.

We had great success in not only making places feel fantastic, but in helping homes sell, legal battles be won, illnesses heal, couples harmonize, children sleep, and a hospital psych ward feel peaceful. But there was a bugaboo area. We began to do electromagnetic field audits with our clearings, measuring the toxicity that came from cell phone towers, power lines, and our clients' own gadgets like wi fi. Peter and I became discouraged, knowing that we could make a place sparkle and hum with the healing natural vibration of the earth. But the minute we were out the door—and the client turned on their electronics again—all we'd done could be lost.

Being consciously aware that I was a part of the land where I lived, I felt changes in it as if they were happening within my own body. My health wilted as wireless technologies proliferated, and came at me from satellites, neighbors, towers—everywhere. There was nowhere healthy left to go—anywhere. I became an expert on the effects of electromagnetic fields, and felt that I was living among electro-addicts who didn't care how their behavior devastated the earth, its creatures, and other humans. Most people thought filling the air with impersonal, forceful, jagged wavelengths never known to humans before was enhancing communication. I performed long distance telepathic readings for people, and that communication ability on the inner planes was being jammed as my nerves deteriorated. I spoke with nature through its language—subtle resonance—which was being drowned out by human transmissions carrying porn and sitcom reruns.

The "leap" channelings were a godsend to me. Suddenly there was somewhere else to go—even if that haven was off-world. No amount of "you create your own reality" new age programming could have given me a healthy, natural world. I needed the Leapers to get me there. (Your desired destination may look different from mine.) It was a relief to be told that I lived in the 7% least-happy parallel worlds in this part of our universe. There had to be a sane society out there somewhere!

With big leaps, you'll essentially be re-incarnating into a new land at its frequency, without dying first. When I participate in helping people leap, I "see" their astral bodies—in dreamlike images—transition to meet their new host families. Their spirit bodies are then slowly stepped down into physical form, filling out in bodies that can handle the new place's natural vibration. Often people are "cocooned" for several weeks—watched over as they fill in. At first they may seem rather ghostlike to the natives, until the newcomers come into the vibrational range of their hosts' perception. You may go through big physical adjustments even before leaping.

My parallel self split off from me less than a year after I channeled this book. It turned out that her host—Jonathan—lives in a cabin close to my favorite woods, but at a different density. A former seminarian, I'd been a university administrator who'd also channeled for colleagues. Jonathan is a shaman who in a largely illiterate (telepathic) society had studied biblical Hebrew. We've received similar teachings from the same mountain that we both adore. I keep in touch telepathically with my parallel self and other friends in his world, some of whom I helped to leap there.

I spoke with Jonathan's son Kai this morning. He lives in a commune of psychotherapists. All communes there grow their own food. And in anticipation of more leapees coming, Kai is designing extra greenhouses to have food to share. He's working with the spirits of the plants and geometries in laying out his greenhouses. They're designed to support the healing of the patients whose therapy sessions will take place within them. As he spoke, I ached to dress my soul in his life-caressing homeland, as opposed to our sterile psych wards and blaring grocery stores.

I think of Jonathan, the seer, in his alpine cabin. A stream trickles beside the bear rug on which he sits anticipating. . . .

Anticipating my arrival there.

And maybe yours.


photo of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

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