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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

Welcome to Another World:

Jonathan Stone's Prologue

photo of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

My name is Jonathan Stone. Cathee teases that I'm part leprechaun, but I'm quite human. I live in a community on a parallel world that loves her dearly. Our common ancestry is Irish, but we both live near the same mountain in Colorado—just at different densities.

In Cathee's history, medieval Christians came to North America and subdued both the natives and the land (from what I hear). In my world's history, nature-loving Europeans emigrated, and their descendants live in communes interspersed between Indian tribal communes. We rely on nature beings not only for food, clothing, and shelter, but for their wisdom in the development of our technology. We have cars and trains, but no combustion engines. We're truly in love with the land.

I worked with leapee immigrants for over a year, offering orientation sessions. This required me to learn at least English well, and immerse myself in your dominant world culture through the stories of my new friends.

Our society seems much more tolerant of people's misdeeds than is yours, knowing that other parallel selves of the same person are probably making better choices which can be brought forth in the experience of the person in question. We have no prisons or law enforcement officers (and no militaries).

Two parallel selves of Cathee's partner Peter are friends of mine here. You also have probably met several of a friend's parallel selves. There may have been years between these meetings, and you may not have recognized that you didn't share the same past with each of them, and thought they were the same version of your friend.

In my healing work with the Leapers, I often help a patient split off a parallel self that is not sick, in what you would call a miracle. Cathee has helped me birth several versions of myself by focusing on the qualities we want to emphasize, while the Leapers dissolve the characteristics that I no longer want to embody. Likewise, I helped Cathee's parallel self leap to my world and downstep into our land's frequency, and hosted her in my home as she adjusted to our culture. We view the creation, development, and dissolution of parallel selves as a natural process of growth, and are happy to be re-created at times in a big way in concert with our soul family's needs and desires.

My job as a seer is highly valued by my community, to steer us to the most fulfilling probabilities we can reach. I foresaw a rogue culture immigrating en masse to our world, bringing with them courage, groundedness, and solutions to an epidemic that is spreading here. It has roots in something happening with electromagnetic fields in your world that is reverberating out. I'll admit, at first I was discouraged by the inability of many of your people to love their food as they grow those beautiful beings, communicate telepathically, and fit into communal life without jostling to form hierarchical structures. But I've fallen in love with the purity of heart, willingness to persevere no matter what, and deep capacity for love evidenced in immigrants. The vitality they have brought to us will make our next generation, especially, strong and wise.

Cathee wants me to talk about the easy cultural and technological exchange between parallel worlds that we enjoy. I'll admit: I still can't wrap my mind around the idea that you live without the knowledge of other worlds. From where do you think your new ideas come, especially those that filter through in dreamlike states of consciousness, accessed by scientists and sci fi writers? So maybe she'll have to talk about the interface between worlds that I take for granted. I do think, though, that by participating in a leap—whether to ours or to a vastly different world—you'll have experienced for yourself that interface, and your sense of life will be drastically altered.

I mainly want to tell you that it's safe. There are many excellent psychics who are helping the Leapers match people with their ideal new worlds. For those coming here, we have literally thousands of families who have volunteered to host you. Some of your people will catch on to communicating with telepathic meanings, and some will have to more slowly learn the languages here. There will still be challenges, personal issues to work through, personality conflicts, etc. But I've felt an atmosphere of festivity in the orientation sessions. Many, many leapees feel that they've finally come home.

I feel privileged to be the one to say "welcome to the rest of your universe!"


photo of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

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